Toledo Keeping the Faith

Charity Foundation

We dedicate our lives to help others!

We are brought into this world with nothing and none of us will take anything, so why not help others while on this earth? – Manuel & Kris Toledo

The cat rescue is currently full and we are unable to take any new arrivals.

Our Goals & Services

Fruits and Vegetables Image

Healthy Eating

Provide fresh fruit and vegetables to low-income families.

Animal Care

Animal Care

  • To assist with spaying/neutering services for pet owners unable to pay.
  • To pay for the spaying/neutering of feral cats being caught and released.
  • To assist with euthanasia services for pet owners unable to pay.
  • To assist with rabies vaccinations for pet owners unable to pay.
Winter Clothing

Winter Clothing

Provide hats, gloves, sweaters, boots, and coats to homeless shelters, homeless individuals, or anyone struggling to provide these items for their family.

Eye Care

Eye Care

Assist children who need a pair of glasses or eye exam if their family is unable to pay.

Veteran Services


Provide services to veterans in need:

  • Moving.
  • House Painting.
  • Landscaping.
Image of Texoatlan Mexico


  • Deliver and provide dental supplies, school supplies, clothes, and shoes to Manuel’s hometown, Tezoatlan de Segura y Luna, Oaxaca Mexico, and surrounding villages.
  • Assist financially with medical needs of residents.
School-related Services


  • Provide fresh fruit and vegetables to school classes that live below the poverty line.
  • Provide school supplies and books to children.
TNR Service

TNR Service

Keeping the Faith Cat Rescue offers a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) service in Walworth County for homeowners, businesses and municipalities. You may contact Kris at 262-949-4789 to get more information. The service of humanely trapping feral and outdoor cats not belonging to anyone, sterilizing, ear tipping to identify that they have been sterilized, and re-releasing them goes a long way to help control the cat overpopulation problem. Please consider this service if you see a cat wondering around on your property.